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Vendor Information

When you rent booth space at Painted Barrels, you can expect great things!  Our shop is located on busy Highway 7 in Girard, KS.  Owners Carrie and Nancy are committed to economic growth in Girard, and provide superior, personal care to Painted Barrels' vendors and customers.  Our store atmosphere is clean and upscale, ensuring you get top dollar for your products!  Painted Barrels has a professional website on which we promote vendor booths and merchandise.  Painted Barrels also has a quality security system so you can be sure your items are secure.

Painted Barrels has 21 vendor booths of various sizes which rent for a monthly fee.  We also have 10 rentable shelves for vendors that do not have a large inventory of items to sell.  Rates range from $15/month to $125/month.  In addition to monthly space rental, Painted Barrels retains 12% of booth and shelf sales.  This covers all taxes and credit/debit card fees associated with sales.

Consignment sales are available for vendors with large items, or a very small number of items to sell.  Consignment vendors do not pay a monthly rental fee.  Painted Barrels retains 25% of consignment sales.  We will work with you on setting prices to help you get your desired price for your items. 

If you would like to rent space at Painted Barrels, Vendor Application forms can be downloaded below. You can bring your completed form to Painted Barrels, 127 S. Summit Street, Girard, KS 66743, or send it to Painted Barrels, PO Box 122, Girard, KS 66743.  We will contact you when we have available booth or shelf space.  We look forward to working together!